Course Description

There are some things that are better captured on video! But what do you do with them?? How can you view them? Videos and movies can add a whole new sensory experience to our pages! Add them to a page in your photo book, Chatbook, or album with a QR code!!

What about those funny animations that Google Photos creates? What can you do with them? How about adding them to a page in your photo book with a QR code?

Maybe you have a hundred photos from one event and don't want to include them all in your photo book. Add them to a page with a QR code!

In this course we are smashing apps to add videos, albums, gifs, animations, etc. to our pages, photo books, Chatbooks, and albums through QR codes.

In this course you will learn:

  • What a QR code is and how it works.
  • How you can use QR codes to add multimedia files accessible on your books and pages.
  • My thoughts about if this media will become obsolete and what I'm doing about it.
  • What happens if you move or delete your multimedia file after the QR code is created.
  • Where you can upload multimedia files and how to create a "share link" for a QR code (Included are Google Photos, Dropbox, Prime Photos, and Flickr).
  • How to create a QR code that coordinates with your page.
  • How to add the QR code to your Project Life page, digital or app page, or individual photos (3 different application methods and app options are taught).

With Your Purchase You Will Receive:

  • Instant access to the class and instructional videos to complete at your own pace.
  • A Downloadable PDF step-by-step checklist.
  • Closed Captions on all videos
  • Any future additions, updates, or changes to the course material.

5 research based reasons you want your photos and stories printed:

  • Studies show recalling happy times from the past increases happiness now.
  • Hearing a story (beginning, middle, and end) releases the chemicals in our brain that allow us to connect, empathize, and make meaning.
  • Studies show the more children know about their family's history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they believed their families functioned.
  • Studies indicate that telling and listening to personal narratives increases physical and mental health.
  • Research shows that telling our story causes reflection and introspection and change.

Please note:::
APP SMASHING is an educational term used to describe the technique of using several apps to get a desired result. During this course I demonstrate use of small portions of nine different apps. Not all of the apps are required, however purchase of some of the apps might be necessary to achieve the desired and demonstrated results (you will need 4 to 5 of the apps).

This class is for iOS.


Steph Clay

Steph has been a personal story teller and documenter since the age of 6 (that's a lot of years) and mastered a process that has helped her create over 500, album-ready, pages of photos and stories EACH YEAR, for the past two years; and it was all done on her phone. She has been helping others with their personal photographic journeys since she was a teenager sharing tips, tutorials, inspiration, and encouragement with thousands of people. Steph is here to help guide you through your journey to find simple photo solutions that fit your life right now.Helping you discover ways to automate your organizing and backing up of your phone photos, your memories, and your stories in SIMPLE ways that don’t rob you of your time. It’s time to get started telling your story! Steph will make learning how to use your phone and technology, not only less intimidating, but doable for anyone. "I did the free course and am now using Google Photos. Then did the Memory Management course and I love, love, love Trello. And finally took the leap and took the HOPF course. It didn't disappoint! I have made lots of notes (haven't quite finished it yet) and know that it is going to make my workflow so much more efficient and that my photos will be backed up safe and secure! Thanks so much Steph." - Merridy (a happy customer)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: What, Why, and How of QR Codes

    • Lesson 1: What, why, and how of QR codes

    • Lesson 2: What if I delete, move, or rename a file after a QR code is created?

  • 2

    Module 2: Creating Share Links

    • Lesson 1: Creating a share link in Google Photos

    • Lesson 2: Creating a share link in Amazon Prime Photos

    • Lesson 3: Creating a share link in Dropbox

    • Lesson 4: Creating a share link in Flickr

  • 3

    Module 3: Creating a Coordinated QR Code

    • Lesson 1: Creating a coordinating QR code

  • 4

    Module 4: Adding the QR Code To Your Page

    • Lesson 1: Adding your QR code to a page with the Letterglow App

    • Lesson 2: Adding your QR code to a page with Over App

    • Lesson 3: Adding your QR code to a page through the Project Life App

    • Lesson 4: A note about photos and Chatbooks

  • 5

    Download: Creating a Coordinating QR Code Workflow Step-by-Step

    • Creating a Coordinating QR Code Workflow Step-by-Step

  • 6

    Module 5: Scanning QR Codes

    • Lesson 1: Scanning a QR Code (animations in Google Photos)

    • Lesson 2: Scanning a QR Code (movie in Dropbox)

  • 7


    • Conclusion